An Enugu university imposes uniforms on students

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Rev. Fr. Professor Christian Anieke

The management of Godfrey Okoye University in Enugu State of Nigeria has introduced tough new measures to buttress discipline in that institution of higher learning. When students from the university returned from the 2022/23 Christmas and New Year vacation, they were met with these new tough measures that they least expected. The management of the University told them it had banned any form of indecent dressing among students of the institution. It had also implemented a new dress code for the staff and most especially for the students of the institution.

Through the Vice-Chancellor, Reverend Father Professor Christian Anieke, the university management made this known on Tuesday, 10 January, 2023, while speaking to members of staff and students of the university who were just returning from the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The Vice-Chancellor made it clear that all students were to put on their faculty uniforms with the appropriate ties and shoes at all times while they are in the university premises. Speaking further, he said that no student should be seen putting on rugged jeans, slippers, coloured hair, long finger, face caps or artificial eyelashes.

The Vice-Chancellor expressed regret that most students and members of staff had formed the habit of wearing on T-shirts with unauthorized inscriptions which, he said, violated the university’s dress code. But the professor failed short of disclosing what might likely be the punishment for any staff or student who ran afoul of the new dispensation. Also, it was not clear if the staff and students had the liberty to challenge such restrictions in the law court.

Rev. Fr. Professor Anieke also spoke on absenteeism from lectures and made it clear that any student who was absent in class would not be allowed to sit for examinations at the end of the semester.

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