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Dear Network Members,

Welcome to the month of November. We are delighted that during the course of these last six months and despite all the frightening happenings in Nigeria and in some other African countries, God has shown us His favour at Imo State Business Link Magazine Network and nothing evil has happened to any of our over 1, 400 strong current members. We give Him all the glory and adoration. Amen.

As you probably have already noticed from our Group WhatsApp and Group Facebook Forums, we are going to embark on massive updates of our website and the way we are going to do business from January 2023.  

First is that the name Imo State Business Link Magazine will cease to be. In its place, we will now be simply called ROLU – an acronym for Reach-Out & Link-Up Limited, publishers of Imo State Business Link Magazine. Our logo will also change to what you see above. That remains our new brand as we burst fully into the international market from January.

We will use the rest of the weeks leading up to January 2023 to send messages across to all network members intimating them by text messages and emails with the new changes.

All current clients and network members will still be kept on file. A spread sheet will be created to save all the details of member businesses.

In the new website model, we will give every business listed with us 6 months free advertisements. After the period, any business that is unable or unwilling to subscribe its annual quota of just N12, 000 will AUTOMATICALLY drop out of the system as the website will be re-designed to accommodate these features.

The new design will make it possible for prospective clients to self-advertise and pay directly into the website’s finance portal for their annual subscriptions.

On another level, our new concept is being designed to accommodate many Nigerian businesses abroad. Many of our people do important businesses and offer various services they want their fellow Nigerians both in the Diaspora and in Nigeria to know about and explore. If you have a business in Nigeria or in any country outside Nigeria that you want to advertise with ROLU, send us the following information: 

  1. Name of Company or Business
  2. Address of Company or Business
  3. Nature of Business (in details)
  4. Contact Name
  5. Contact Telephone Number

Our team of editors will build up a standard advert for your business and list in on our website (https://rolultd.com). This service is free of charge. 

You will then be automatically listed on our WhatsApp Group. You will also be sent a link to join our over 1,400 strong FB network. In these social media forums, network members interact, advertise their products and services and patronize each other across categories. You will be required, at this stage, to pay an annual subscription of N12, 000 for our services into the UBA Account No. 10 18 96 64 51 of Reach-Out & Link-Up Limited.

Please be guided by these pieces of information. 

 Welcome to November 2022. It is our fervent prayers that our good God continues to protect us and prosper our businesses in this month and the months ahead. Amen.

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