Graduating student who embarrassed Federal Poly Nekede apologizes to the institution

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Miss Okoroafor

A female student of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Imo state was recently videoed as she excitedly announced she had at last graduated from the school.  “Omo, today is the final day. Nekede bye-bye, this stress ends today. Finally, I’m now a graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede. It can only be God and my p**sy,” she said in excitement.  The shocking “revelation” in the video was uploaded on TikTok after the completion of her project defence. The video went viral instantly.

However, the institution in a statement signed by its registrar, Eucharia Anuna, totally condemned the display describing it as “despicable.” The institution insisted that the despicable act did not represent the standard of the institution by any stretch of the imagination. And so, the management put out a disclaimer.

“This is to inform the general public that the Management of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, has begun full investigations into the identity of the student who gloated on Tiktok about how she graduated with the help of God and her private organ,” the statement read. “It is most blasphemous and antithetical that the said student peddled the name of God in her deleterious act. Management considers the action of the student as most unacceptable and preposterous. The Federal Polytechnic Nekede prides itself as an institution with high academic and moral standards. Both staff and students are quite aware of the consequences of any misconduct. In an unprecedented move, the management, through the various disciplinary committees, had released hotlines through which the students can report any act of exploitation or corruption. These committees are diligent in ensuring that any staff or student found culpable is meted with appropriate punishment. The despicable post of this supposed student does not, therefore, represent the standard of our institution. The Rector of the institution, being a clergyman, has been very committed and consistent in instilling discipline in our students through seminars, solemn assemblies, sensitization outreaches and publications. When our investigations are over, we shall make our findings and pronouncements public. It is in our purvey to ensure that only students found worthy in learning and character are certified. This is a commitment to which we shall remain consistently resolute.”

However, the erring student, identified as Ogechi Okoroafor, a graduate of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Owerri, Imo State, who gained notoriety on social media for claiming that God and her private part helped her graduate, has expressed her regret to the school. Okoroafor, in a letter to the institution, said she wanted to say it was God and her father (her popsy) who helped her to graduate from the polytechnic.

A letter, written on her behalf by her lawyer, Ikechukwu Nwaopara, stated that her client’s remark was a slip of the tongue.

The statement read:

 “We are solicitors to OKEREAFOR OGECHI SHARON, our Client under our Pro Bono (Free Legal Services) on whose behalf we write this memo to you. We are aware that she will be facing the school disciplinary panel this morning and we wish to use this medium to express our confidence that the panel will carry out their duties in compliance with the principles of fair hearing, good conscience and natural justice devoid of harassment, intimidation and threats. We have met and discussed with our client and evidence before us shows that she had no intention to defame the character, standard and integrity of the institution. In her words, what happened in the said viral video was a slip of tongue as a result of her uncontrollable ecstasy over her graduation. Her intended words were ‘God and Popsy’ (Not P*ssy) in appreciation of the Almighty God and her dad. It is clear, therefore, that she had no intention whatsoever to use such a ‘foul word’ in the said viral video to cajole or blackmail the institution as no lecturer or name of the institution was mentioned or referred to in the said viral video.

“Our lawyers are already on the ground at the institution now to follow up the proceedings at the panel against any form of intimidation or harassment. The integrity and standard of the said institution is not in doubt especially since my senior brother, Rev Dr Arimanwa, took over as the Rector.”

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