Group launches Africa’s arts academy

By Silver Nwokoro

A non-governmental organization, Dream Catchers Academy, has launched the first free formal and arts academy in Africa. The school which adopted the formal curriculum also emphasized on arts due to its psychological benefits and its relevance to entertainment.

Speaking at the commissioning of the academy and ground-breaking ceremony, founder of the academy, Seyi Oluyole, said the school was targeted at underprivileged girls who have experienced homelessness, neglect and economic hardship.

“We hope to transform the lives of these girls through housing opportunities, wellness and welfare resources and access to quality education. We see the need to provide arts education not only because of its psychological benefits and economic empowerment, but also the realization that we are all unique beings and so much of our economy is currently built on entertainment and arts,” Oluyole said.

According to her, the academy which was launched in 2016 started as a dance group with only five girls passionate about the art and has grown over time. “Now, with sponsorship from the likes of Afrodroids, the school will be enrolling about 100 girls, 60 at primary and 40 at secondary levels.

Founder, Afrodroids Community, Mr. Owo Anietie, applauded the organization for its transparency in handling funds. He observed that most times, results are not visible after making financial contributions to some causes. He harped on the need for humans to remain in a state of belief:

“Belief is all we have. Believe in yourself Believe in God. Believe in your vision, so you can become whoever you want.”

Senior Special Assistant (Education) to Lagos State governor, Adetola Salau, lauded the group for promoting arts, noting that a lot of art programmes are being left out in schools. “Even as the world, especially the work space develops, those who are creative and innovative cannot be replaced by robots,” she added.

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