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Alain Nteff

By Charles Ozioma

Medical experts say that the term health care should be assertively differentiated from sick care. They explicitly clarified that healthcare has often been mistaken to mean sick care. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Healthlane, Mr. Alain Nteff explained that sick care is consulting a physician after feeling sick and experiencing symptoms while healthcare is about nutrition, exercises, supplements, lifestyles and check-ups.

Speaking at the formal opening of its Lagos facility in Lekki, Lagos, Nteff said: “Our mission is to simplify how individuals understand, track and improve their health, enabling longer and healthier lives and reducing the dependence on an overburdened primary healthcare system.”

He emphasized that Healthlane focuses on preventing people from falling sick and enabling people to live longer and healthier lives. Nteff, who is also a co-founder and CEO at Gifted Mom, Yaoundé Centre, Cameroon, impressed that it is a good time for the brand to launch into the health sector seeing how the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitization of different sectors. Nteff said that there is a growing trend of services deployed through technology and that is where they had positioned themselves. He said: “Today, people are comfortable accessing their medical records on their smart phones and we all know that if you are diabetic or hypertensive, you are more affected if you contract COVID-19 compared with someone who is relatively healthy.”

In-house physician for Healthlane, Dr. Lincoln Saiki, told the audience that one in seventeen Nigerians has diabetes and one in three Nigerians has high blood pressure. Saiki said hypertension remains the largest cause of preventable death in Nigeria and out of the 75 millions of Nigerians that are living with the ailment, only 25 million are on treatment. Saiki advised Nigerians to prioritize their health and go for regular medical check-up.

Testifiers who have gone through the test and medical check-up offered by Healthlane were present at the conference to give feedback. One Buchi who is a fitness coach gave his observation: “It is easy to say you work hard and you are fit and you do not have any medical issue but you never know exactly what is inside of you until you have a medical check.” The University of Lagos (UNILAG) alumni said after the medical check-up, he noticed a massive difference in his health. 

Another testifier, Mr. Nadayar Enegesi, commended Healthlane on how seamless and helpful their online app was in aiding his medical check-up online.

The product manager, Ms. Karen Onigbinde said Healthlane is a global preventive health company with operations currently in two African markets – Nigeria and Cameroon – with short term plans to expand to other African countries and worldwide.

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