In love with my Personal Assistant

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How did I manage to get myself into this? How did I ever manage to get myself entangled in the web of love with someone I had never thought I could muster feelings for? How could I have fallen in love with Felicia, my personal assistant?
It’s been 4 good years down the drain. Felicia was one of the biggest fans of my stories.
She never stopped to amaze me with her level of maturity and intelligence. Seriously, I get inspired to write whenever I am with her or we were having those late night chats. Unfortunately for me at that time, I was in love with someone who never loved nor gave any heck about me. Nevertheless, Felicia was always there for me during those bad times I needed someone to  talk to.
Months passed, I started my Master’s program while she was undergoing her 1 year compulsory NYSC program. Luck beseeched me some few months after when one of my stories “Anguish of the past” won a writing competition which earned me a publishing contract worth millions of naira. Some few months later, I also got a publishing company of my own and I never thought of it twice having my bestie, a long-time friend, Felicia to be my personal assistant. What more can I ask for?
My books were the bestselling in town, the money was rolling in, endorsements deals were coming from multinational companies who wanted to partner with the “OLA OLOWO” brand. In the face of all these things, I asked myself what essence was of a king without his Queen? With all these successes I have achieved in my career and life, I still couldn’t find that very person I would love to spend the rest of my life with. All of my thoughts, feelings and love now yearned for Felicia. But how could I have fallen in love with my P.A?
Four months later, I summoned courage and took the bull by the horn, taking bold steps by asking her hand on one faithful evening during dinner.
“What took you so long?” was what she could let out of her mouth before I got to passionately meet her lips halfway with mine – an act I presumed was capable of sealing our love ties.
Three months later, I got her relieved of her Personal Assistant position. We would be engaged instead in preparing for our wedding.
Our wedding day finally arrived. Felly had insisted we have the church wedding at the edified headquarters of The Apostolic Church at Olorunda. Here was I in my Denim suit with a nice haircut relishing the watch on my beautiful bride as she walked down the altar.
Will you Ola Olowo take Felicia Jimson as your wife? the pastor requested.
Yes I do. And the whole congregation roared in applause. We locked our lips in a nuptial kiss before the pastor.

Suddenly, I felt a big slap at the back of my head. Henry, my best man must have started his horseplay again. Why can’t he just let me enjoy the kiss moment with my bride? I mumbled.
I was still thinking about the first one when I received another bigger slap across my face this time while my eyes were wide open. Oga, e bole jooor. Iwo Road la wa yi (Boss, please alight, we are now on Iwo Road)
Mogbe! (Hands on my head). I screamed.
It was then it dawned on me that I was still on my way to school from Lagos and still on the bus.

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