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CHRISTIAN VOICE NEWSPAPER: We are one of the oldest and most durable weekly tabloids in Imo State. Our objective is to proclaim God’s truth, to set the people free. We strongly believe that Christians in politics should be able to make Nigeria one of the best countries in the world. And we are committed to influencing that understanding. We are also committed to upholding the values of the traditional family. In our menu we have regular columns that deal with the trend of our society. We have conversations on controversial issues titled ‘Let’s talk about it’. We have incisive editorials. We have the mail box, juicy news, mind-searching opinions, deep-set evangelism, committed x-ray of family affairs, special features on localities, foreign news, the state of the nation, frank talk and many more.  Come forward with your ideas and make Imo State a vibrant state with the level of conversations we have in The Christian Voice. Call our 24-hour Hotlines 0803723 9754 / 080 3916 8821 and talk to any of our editorial staff.  Christian Voice is published by the Bishop’s Foundation for Mission and Development of the Anglican Diocese of Owerri. Our activities include advertising and publishing. And we are located at No. 38 Mbaise Road, Uzii Layout, Owerri