No. 66 Opara Road, Okigwe, Imo State.

At Dandy Paints Plc, our seasoned engineers manufacture quality paints in all colours, from light or heavy green to sparkling white or off-white and many more. You just name your colour and we manufacture it instantly and deliver. We manufacture silk, textile, emulsion, mart and oil paints in any colour ordered. One important fact about our production is that our paints are highly durable and will out-stretch even the worst rainy seasons. We have been in this business for so long and our customers have always commended us because they recognize that we are giving them value for their money. But our story does not end with the production. We also do professional painting for private houses, schools, churches, corporate entities like banks and supermarkets and for government offices. In all of these, our prices are very affordable despite our very high quality production and professional skills. So, whenever you need exotic, durable paints or your property painted, do not hesitate to give us a call. We guarantee that you will not only be satisfied with our quality of delivery, you will make haste to introduce us to your family and friends. For more information on our range of this and other services or to book for an appointment, call Dandy Ben any time during our official hours on 0803 401 8952 / 0816 821 7158. We are open 8 am – 7 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays. We are located at No. 66 Opara Road, Okigwe, Imo State.