80 Eneka Road, Rumunduru, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

At Sunday Medicine Forum, our team of experts is dedicated to the creation of a better, more loving and more caring society. In this medium, we educate. We entertain. We inform. Anything newsworthy is our business. Moreover, the forum is open for discussion. Ask us your questions.

On another level, we take an interest in identifying undeveloped and underdeveloped talents among the cream of Nigerian youths. We enroll them. We mentor them to turn their lives around and to hate crime and criminal activities. We teach them how to manufacture quality liquid soap, stain removal, odour control and how to become house cleaning agents.

Our intentions are both genuine and patriotic but we also need sponsorship from government and the private sector. Follow us up every Sunday on Imo State Business Link Magazine Group WhatsApp and Group Face Book. We always have something for everyone, something to experience, something challenging.

Be a part of our very interesting dialogue every Sunday and for more information on our range of activities, for sponsorship or to book for an appointment, please call Oge on 080 3551 8077. We are always at your service. You can also email us: We are located at No. 80 Eneka Road, Rumunduru, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.