Love signs that can improve your relationship

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There is no doubt that relationships are more likely to grow if we understand each other. It is obvious that everyone gives and receives love differently. Therefore, we must get to know our partners well to be in the position to give them the right kind of love, the kind of love they deserve and will appreciate.

Love languages ​​may differ between people, but they are easy to learn and will help us have more meaningful and loving relationships.

  • People whose love language is words of affirmation tend to value verbal connection, whether spoken or written. They can be words that express affection, praise, appreciation, encouragement, or something as simple as “I love you.” Use them and know how your partner feels about them. Scholars are generally agreed that positive affirmations give us more than just a good feeling. People want to feel valued, appreciated and competent. So, positive words that make us feel that way can build healthy and strong relationships.
  • An act of service is doing something for your spouse that you know you would like to do. It can be anything from getting help with something very important to our partner, like simply watering our plants for us. True leaders serve others before themselves and these selfless acts inspire people and strengthen ties.
  • This language of love has to do with quality rather than quantity. Quality time is about giving someone your undivided attention, but not sitting around and watching Netflix together. It should be just you and your partner talking, no televisions, no phones, no other distractions. People feel good when they know they are the only thing on your agenda.
  • Physical contact can be something as simple as high-fives or sharing an intimate kiss with your partner and holding their hand. Touch is the first form of communication we learn when we are born and it is crucial to our development as we grow up. People whose love language is physical contact can fight a lot harder when they can’t. That’s why something as simple as sending hugs and telling them you’d like to do it in person can cause your brain to produce endorphins, just as it would if the hug were real.


  • Giving gifts is the simplest love language. They don’t always have to be expensive or large. It could be something as simple as going to the grocery store and buying your roommate’s favorite chocolate or cereal, or sending a family member who lives in a framed photo of the family or pets. Thinking, choosing the gift, and giving the gift will give the person a feeling of affection. Not only that but there are also positive psychological benefits to giving gifts and not just receiving them.

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