Marketing in a volatile, uncertain, complex environment – Wulff-Caesar

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Marketing Ace, Chris Wulff-Caesar, has called on Nigerian marketers to rise and steer their businesses out of the current storm triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. He made the call during a Chief Marketing Officers’ webinar, organized by Advertisers Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) with the theme: “Marketing in a VUCA Environment”.

Wulff-Caesar observed that Nigeria and the world at large are now in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment and business leaders had a responsibility to evolve with the tides and re-evaluate the ways of marketing to consumers whose lifestyles and habits are evolving rapidly.

Chris Wulff-Caesar, the Marketing Director at FrieslandCampina WAMCO, highlighted the rapid changes in the behavior of people buying locally-made products as well as shopping within proximity where there is an almost absolute inclination to digital-first penchants. He agreed that the pandemic had caused an enormous shift in the consumer lifestyle and the subsequent demand for the use of technology.

“When we continuously focus on consumers in our businesses, we learn a lot more about what has changed their previous preferences. This makes us more agile in our decision making, to meet their demands,” Wulff-Caesar pointed out.

For marketers to be able to steer their businesses out of the storm, Wulff-Caesar enjoined them to be like lighthouses. He said: “Marketing/marketers must be like lighthouses that will guide consumers to the ports of our businesses. This, in turn, navigates businesses out of the storms caused by this pandemic.”

He further offered the following tips to marketers to steer consumers to our businesses during extreme times, which are: “Navigate our own issues; Face the reality and not back away; Be guided by your business purpose; Make your business to be commercially agile and operationally shrewd; Use the 6Es – Empathize; Educate; Encourage; Entertain; Everyone; and Evolve.”

In conclusion, Wulff-Caesar said: “The public is becoming increasingly sophisticated because of the kind of information they can access and this has resulted in the tilting of the marketing landscape; from a sender-driven to audience-driven communication. By all means, be more human in your marketing approach”

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