Mobile classroom enhances App to create wealth for lecturers across Africa

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In a significant move aimed at providing a stable income and building generational wealth for lecturers and other content creators, Mobile Classroom Limited has upgraded its Mobile Classroom App with new features. These enhancements are designed to empower educators by allowing them to monetise their intellectual assets and extend their reach beyond traditional educational institutions.

The newly enhanced ‘myClass’ feature on the Mobile Classroom App offers a comprehensive platform for lecturers, executive coaches, content creators, and facilitators. It enables them to create classes, upload and preserve academic and intellectual content, and earn passive income even while asleep. This initiative promises to secure generational wealth for their families, ensuring financial stability beyond their lifetimes.

The platform provides lecturers with the opportunity to export their intellectual assets and teaching methodologies beyond their home institutions. Students from other schools who seek simplified and improved teaching methods can now access courses from these lecturers. This also opens up opportunities for international students to appreciate and benefit from the expertise of African educators, similar to the global recognition seen in the music industry.

According to Basit Sowole, the media manager of the project, the initiative is geared towards creating wealth for lecturers and similar professionals. “This allows them to have their own space, name it after themselves, and preserve their intellectual materials and assets through the application without any cost,” Sowole explained. Drawing parallels with the music industry’s success with platforms like Spotify and the film industry’s achievements with Netflix, Prime Video, and Showmax, Sowole emphasized that myClass on the Mobile Classroom App is a game-changer for lecturers.

Once a class is set up, lecturers can continually update it with topics and upload materials in various formats such as audio, video, and PDF documents. This flexibility allows for a diverse and rich learning experience, where materials under a single topic can comprise multiple formats.

The App also offers a partner referral program, generating a unique referral ID for each user. Lecturers earn from every subscription linked to their referral code. They can easily share their class links, enabling students to join with a simple click. Subscribers can initiate WhatsApp chats with lecturers using provided contact numbers, enhancing communication and support.

Learners can join classes by searching through class names or focuses and selecting from available options. The landing page clearly differentiates between regular and premium classes, allowing learners to make informed choices. Once joined, learners can view materials and subscribe to classes seamlessly. This initiative by Mobile Classroom Limited marks a significant step towards empowering African educators, ensuring they can share their knowledge globally while securing their financial future


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