Nigeria’s top 20 private universities and tuition fees

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Education Minister Prof. Tahir Mamman

By Our Correspondent


Private universities in Nigeria are known for cutting-edge research, academic excellence and efficient academic calendars that result in productive graduate turn-out over the years. Many graduates from these universities have excelled in their academic pursuits either by moving on to postgraduate degrees, venturing into entrepreneurship or exploring other opportunities thereby gaining international recognitions.
This article gives university aspirants an overview of the quality and academic costs of their prospective institution in Nigeria.

                               Covenant University

Covenant University is the best university in Nigeria, founded on Christian mission ethos. The university is located in Ota, Ogun State. It has four colleges which include: College of Business and Social Sciences; College of Leadership and Development Studies; College of Engineering, and College of Science and Technology. The tuition fee ranges from ₦937,500 – ₦1,002,500

                              Afe Babalola University

Established to reform knowledge by delivering and leading in quality education, service, industry, character and discipline, this university operates on a collegiate system comprising five colleges. It is located in Ekiti State and the tuition is between ₦583,000 ₦2,500,000

                               Godfrey Okoye University

Godfrey Okoye University is situated in Enugu State and it provides courses and programs that lead to officially recognized higher education degrees. The tuition ranges from ₦311,200 – ₦670,000

                                 Babcock University

Since its establishment in Ogun State in 1999, as a pioneering private university in Nigeria, Babcock University has consistently maintained a legacy of excellence in education. Offering not only undergraduate studies but also postgraduate and medical school programs, Babcock remains committed to academic distinction. The University’s tuition fee ranges from ₦310,860 – ₦1, 500, 00

Nile University of Nigeria

Comprising of eight faculties, Nile University which is situated in Abuja is unified by a dedication to delivering education of the utmost quality. Each faculty is overseen by distinguished academics who are committed to fostering innovation in both research and learning. The tuition fee is between ₦1,200,000 – ₦5,950,000

Bowen University

Bowen University prides itself on a steadfast commitment to academic excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship and community engagement. The institution’s colleges and staffs are devoted to delivering world-class education that equips students for success in their chosen fields. The university is located in Osun State with tuition ranging from ₦201,900 – ₦2,270,000

Redeemer’s University

This University which is located in Osun State is a leading academic institution, dedicated to setting high standards through a continuous commitment to excellence. Focused on making a transformative impact on society, the university emphasizes excellence in education, research, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the development of global leaders as change agents. It has the tuition range of ₦582,000 – ₦1,447,000

American University of Nigeria

AUN strives to shape Africa’s future leaders and drive regional economic development. Students, regardless of specialization, receive training in key areas like information technology and entrepreneurship for sustainable development. AUN is situated in Yola State with tuition ranging from ₦1,221,000 – ₦3,551,200

Landmark University

The university nurtures generations of problem solvers through a practical training system centered on creative knowledge and values. It aims to develop leaders through a comprehensive education grounded in biblical principles, resulting in the emergence of breadwinners, job creators, and global change-makers. It is located in Kwara State with tuition fee between ₦320,000 – ₦675,000

Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University, located in Kano with tuition fee between ₦675,000 – N2, 700,000, is a privately owned institution. It received approval from the federal government to commence operations in May 2018. Notably, Skyline University is the first private university in Kano and the second in the North-West region of Nigeria.

Veritas University

Veritas University, located in Abuja made its debut in the 2023, ranking among 11 Nigerian top universities. It also achieved “Reporter Status” on the 2023 Webometric Rankings for World Universities. The University tuition fee is between ₦678,000 – ₦1,780,000

Lead City University

The university accommodates various demographics with flexible part-time and full-time study options. Specialized faculties include Social Sciences & Entrepreneurial Studies, Information Technology & Applied Sciences and Law. It is situated in Oyo State with tuition fee ranging from ₦300,000 to ₦5,500,000

Pan-Atlantic University

The university is renowned globally for delivering top-notch education. The university develops its curriculum in collaboration with industry leaders and professional bodies. It is located in Lagos State, with tuition fee between ₦2,872,815 – ₦3,867.

Baze University

Baze University, situated in Abuja with tuition fee between ₦591,250 – ₦3,025,000, is a private institution offering officially recognized higher education degrees in various fields. The university provides students with academic and non-academic facilities, including a library and administrative services.

Al-Hikmah University

Al-Hikmah University located in Kwara State distinguishes itself as a traditional private institution with a clear mission of advancing academic and moral excellence for the betterment of Nigeria and humanity in general. Its motto encapsulates the university’s overarching objective: “Learning for Wisdom and Morality”. The university’s tuition fee is between ₦176,500 – ₦1,360,500

Caleb University

The University is located in Lagos State with tuition fee between ₦214,500 – ₦1,400,000. It is consistently ranked among Nigeria’s top 10 private universities, is a hub for teaching, learning, and research. Embracing innovation, it transforms ideas into action, investing in individuals with curiosity, drive, passion, and empathy to make a positive impact locally and globally.

Ajayi Crowther University 

Ajayi Crowther University, situated in Oyo State with ₦667, 000 – ₦1,119,000 tuition fee is a leading institution dedicated to knowledge, scholarship, teaching, research, and exemplary service to humanity. It cultivates Godly intellectuals to be agents of positive change and transformation in their environment, nation, and the world.

Adeleke University

Adeleke University, a private faith-based institution in Ede, Osun State, Nigeria, aligns with the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education. Committed to its founders’ vision and mission, the university provides affordable, high-quality education with features such as scholarships, flexible fee payments, entrepreneurial skills development, and excellence in teaching, research, and innovative learning. The tuition fee is between ₦530,000 – ₦1,910,000

African University of Science and Technology

Established in 2007, AUST is a Pan-African institution initiated in response to a request from African Heads of State. It was created to fulfill President Nelson Mandela’s proposal for the World Bank and African Union to establish strong Pan-African centers of excellence in Science and Technology. AUST in Abuja, the first of these centers, currently focuses exclusively on graduate-level programs through a blend of coursework and advanced research. The tuition fee is between ₦750,000 – ₦1,800,000

Elizade University

Elizade University in Ondo State has her tuition fee between ₦305,000 – ₦1,500,000. The University consistently engages experienced academics and professionals, utilizing modern facilities for impactful teaching. Notably, the university has achieved commendable student and faculty accomplishments, securing grants and earning awards. Additionally, it maintains growing partnerships with relevant professional bodies to enhance knowledge.

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