Signs your husband isn’t in love with you

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If you are in love with your husband but you are not sure if he loves you back look out for the following signs which possibly means that he is not in love with you anymore.

He is no longer affectionate

If you notice a change in your husband’s affection towards you, it may be a bad sign that he has fallen out of love with you. You will know if he stops being physically or verbally affectionate to you like he used to. If he has stopped saying “I love you” or says it without meaning it, it’s a sign that he has lost interest in you.

Maybe you used to have frequent sex, but your husband shows complete disinterest. In this case, he may have fallen out of love with you. Also, if having sex with him feels different, it may be a sign that all is not well.

He wants to spend time away from you

If your husband suddenly likes spending all his time alone at home or away, it may be a sign that he is not in love with you anymore. We naturally like spending time near the people we love. If your husband no longer wants to spend time with you, he may find pleasure elsewhere. He suddenly wants to spend his free time doing his new hobby or with his best friend because he doesn’t enjoy being around you anymore. Also, you may notice that he excludes you from his plans because he wants an excuse to stay away from you.

Do you sometimes feel like he’s ignoring you? Just make this simple adjustment and notice how often he starts texting you just to see how you’re doing. He’ll start to obsessively check his phone no matter how “busy” he is. Those little moments will be the most exciting part of his day. 

He has stopped communicating

Communication is essential in any healthy relationship. If your husband no longer wants to have a direct conversation with you, it means he is drifting away from you. Maybe you used to have lengthy conversations about your marriage, but he seems not interested anymore. In this case, he may be avoiding you. Although it’s normal to feel less verbal when passing through rough patches in life, it’s not normal for your husband to be uninterested in every conversation.

He becomes secretive

If your husband suddenly becomes more private, it may mean he is no longer in love. Healthy relationships thrive when both partners are open to each other. If he no longer shares his opinions and fears with you, he may have stopped trusting you. Married couples should be able to count on each other for support. But if you lack this in your marriage, it could mean that he has fallen out of love with you.

He is no longer interested in sustaining a healthy relationship

Two partners must be committed to maintaining a healthy relationship by putting in time and effort. So, if your husband no longer shows interest in salvaging your relationship, he may have had enough. If he avoids talking about your marital status and doesn’t care to know how you feel about it, it’s a sign that he is not willing to fight for your marriage.

Signs you’re in an unhappy marriage 

Are you in an unhappy marriage? It may be hard to tell at the beginning. But it may also start to make itself evident over time. Things can change drastically if you are in an unhappy marriage. You want to end it, but how do you know if you are in an unhappy marriage? The following are five obvious signs that you are in an unhappy marriage;

You no longer have sex

Physical and emotional intimacy keeps any marriage healthy and romantic. You may not have sex all the time, but if your sex life changes from frequent to once every few months, you are bound to feel emotionally distracted from each other. On the other hand, having sex creates an emotional connection between partners leading to happy marriages.

You think about divorce

If you constantly think about a life without your partner or with a different partner, it’s a sign that you are not happy in your marriage. It means that you no longer fancy the things you liked in your partner. Thinking about getting a divorce means you are okay about living without them.

You lead separate lives

If you are stuck in a marriage where you can’t leave, it’s an indication that you are unhappy. If you live in the same house but lead separate lives, it may be time to seek professional advice from a marriage counselor. A happy marriage should be based on open communication between partners. If you no longer have anything in common, you no longer enjoy each other’s company, which is necessary for a happy marriage.

You are insecure

Being uncertain about the status of your union is an indication of an unhappy marriage. If you feel uncomfortable and anxious about your marriage, it indicates that everything is not correct. Insecurities and doubts in marriages steal joy and cause unhappiness.

There is no tolerance in your marriage

Lack of tolerance is an indication of an unhappy marriage. If you get irritated by everything your partner does, there is a high chance that your emotions are beginning to drift apart. If your relationship has reached this stage, you need to reevaluate yourself and identify the problem’s root cause.

Questions to ask your husband about your marriage

Remember the days when you were dating. You probably used to talk for extended periods because you couldn’t get enough of each other. Then, when you finally got married, responsibilities kicked in, and before you knew it, you had two kids in tow. So now, you only talk about general stuff like work and kids.

If you want to reminiscence your love story by getting to know each other again, asking questions could be a great way to get started. If you have already set the date, here are five top questions to ask your husband about your marriage.

What do you like about our marriage?

This is a great question to start your date night. But, first, let your husband tell you specific things he likes about being married to you. You could also take a moment to talk about things you like about your marriage.

What was your perception about marriage when you were younger?

We all have different views about marriage, depending on our backgrounds and upbringing. Some people were raised to think that marriage is a bed of roses, while others were raised to think of marriage as a bed of thorns. Let your husband talk about his expectations and make it fun by talking about yours.

 What is your worst fear in life?

Our expectations and fears change as we progress in life. You may not know some of your husband’s fears as he may not know yours. Use the moment to know each other by stating your fears and helping each other to overcome them.

What do you like about me and why?

Let your husband describe the things he likes about you. He may talk about physical traits like a big bum or sexy eyes but let him state the personal traits he likes about you. Then, use the moment to state the things you like about him too.

What do you find so annoying about me?

Everyone has their positive and negative sides. So, take it easy on this one, and don’t spoil the fun. Instead, let your husband tell you about your most annoying habits, and don’t take it the wrong way. Be open-minded about this question because you need to change.

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