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Welcome to the month of May, the first month of the second quarter of Year 2023. As you probably already know, we had very far reaching reforms to embark on during the first quarter of the year. They included a monthly Zoom business updates of ROLU network members by internationally acclaimed business gurus from the UK, the US, Australia, Taiwan, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

There was also a plan to delist all network members who failed to live up to their financial expectations with ROLU magazine. 

Unfortunately, we could not get on with these updates because of the pressure from the presidential elections of 25 February and the change of currency which had a lot of negative impact on our business community. 

We were literarily forced to extend the time limit for members to pay up their annual dues of only N12, 000 for the regular advertisers and N100, 000 for the premium advertisers from the end of March to the end of June when it is hoped that a new government would have been put in place and our business atmosphere would have been normalized. So, for those who still owe ROLU, you have up to the end of June to pay or have your business delisted from our website and all our social media forums. 

A very peculiar development occurred during the first quarter that will make us lose some of our members. Government has told us that we must only list companies and businesses that are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. This is in attempt to forestall scammers who might want to advertise products they don’t actually have and in that way try to use us to give false information to public, which is a criminal offence, and thereby offer an opportunity for the scammers to defraud our unsuspecting network members or the general public that trusts and believes in us.

In a Zoom meeting held by the Directors of ROLU magazine at the middle of March this year, therefore, it was decided that this company will only accommodate businesses that are duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. 

Consequently, if your business is listed on our website, and you have not registered it with the Corporate Affairs Commission, please do so without delay. If you check the website https://rolultd.com you will find under the CONSULTANTS category, companies that can help you register your business. Call them up or search the internet for the office of the Corporate Affairs Commission that is nearest to your residence, office or workshop and go there to register your business.

Between now and end of June, all the businesses listed on our website will be screened against this new criterion and those not qualified will be instantly struck off. They can rejoin when they are qualified and there will be no charge for this exercise.

On a final note, I wish all of us a peaceful month. Please don’t be carried away by the political tension in the country. Your business is important to your family and to us. So pay attention to it and to whatever will enable it grow and create employment opportunities for the teeming population of our youths scattered from state to state.

God bless you all.

Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo, KSC



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