Why Nigerian Governments Neglect Education – Dr. Edor

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From our Correspondent

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU has challenged the Federal Government of Nigeria to put the same level of commitment it did to get the Aviation sector to work in Nigeria into the Education sector. ASUU Chairman of the University of Calabar, Dr. Edor J. Edor, said universities would reopen within one week, if the same level of commitment put in the aviation sector was extended to Nigeria’s Education sector.

Sensitizing his challenge in a recent interview with Nigerian journalists, Dr. Edor said: “If government could put the same amount of energy they put in the aviation sector into education, then schools would resume in the shortest possible time. If government could put the same energy and commitment in the aviation sector that enabled them and their children to travel to their schools abroad into Nigerian universities, then within one week, schools in Nigeria would reopen.”

Edor accused the previous and current Nigerian governments of continuously ignoring the country’s education sector. He maintained that Nigerian elites were not interested in the education of the common man. “Not Buhari’s government alone, all successive regimes in Nigeria have continuously ignored the education sector. Even when we had a President who was himself a lecturer, things were not better. Successive regimes and the Nigerian elites have no interest in the education of Nigerians and the reason is simple. Their children are not here. They do not want the common man to be educated because education is power. Immediately the common man begins to know his or her right, these thieves and kleptomaniacs who find themselves in the position of power would become threatened because all Nigerians would have known their rights. They are not interested in developing education, they are not,” he emphasized.


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