Embracing the promise of 2024

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A message to ROLU business associates and network members

2023 has indeed been remarkable in the 9 year-old history of ROLU Business Magazine. First was that the magazine, formerly known as Imo State Business Link Magazine, discarded that name, and opted for a brand name: ROLU Business Magazine.
ROLU, as we explained at that time, is the acronym of Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd, the company that publishes the magazine. We found it necessary to adopt this brand name when we decided to go global at the start of 2023.
At the start of another year, it has become necessary to look back on what 2023 meant to ROLU Magazine, its staffs, its business associates and its network members.
During 2023, we opened up our frontiers more widely. We employed the services of Ms. Gift Okoro, an English graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka as our new editor (in training). We consolidated Ms. Faith Dike, a Public Administration graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede who has been with ROLU for three years as our Marketing Executive for the Southeast States. We employed Ms. Jacintha Ayuba, a graduate of Education (Chemistry) from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria who once acted as ROLU editor, as our Marketing Executive for the Northeast States. We also expanded our marketing frontiers into Ghana where we are now represented by Evangelist Okechukwu Enyosi.
In 2023, not many of the businesses on ROLU website made substantial efforts to advertise their products and services in any of our social media forums. It is very important that network members do this more frequently. It is obvious that the more people observe the presence of your business on the social media, the more they are likely to engage you in business. We especially encourage network members to patronize each other across categories. So, make use of all the opportunities we are offering you this year to get your business to boom. We will always be there to assist you if the need ever arises.
Again, we will continue with our delisting exercise in 2024. Those members who want ‘awuf’ services from us will no longer have their way. They should realize that we have staff salaries to pay, phone bills, wifi bills, electricity bills and much more. They should help us to help them. Otherwise, we will not hesitate to part ways with them.
And so, as we bid goodbye to the remarkable year that was 2023, it is with great pleasure and anticipation that we extend warm greetings to all our esteemed ROLU business associates and network members. The past year has been a journey marked by challenges, triumphs and invaluable collaborations, and as we stand on the precipice of a new chapter, we can’t help but look back with gratitude to God and forward with enthusiasm.
In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the ROLU community has proved to be a beacon of resilience and innovation. Our collective endeavours, shared insights and unwavering support for each other’s business across categories have not only weathered the storms of change but have also illuminated the path towards new horizons. Each member has played an integral role in shaping the success stories that defined our community throughout 2023.
The global business environment, characterized by its dynamism and unpredictability, has tested our mettle and adaptability. Yet, it is precisely in such times that the true strength of a network shines through. ROLU business associates and network members have not merely navigated challenges; we have turned them into opportunities for growth, transformation, and learning.
The collaborative spirit that defines our community has fostered among us, a culture of knowledge- exchange, mentorship, and mutual support. In 2023, we witnessed inspiring collaborations that transcended industries and borders, leading to groundbreaking initiatives and projects. This sense of unity and cooperation is what sets ROLU apart and positions us as a force to be reckoned with in the global business arena.
As we step into 2024, let us carry forward the lessons we have learned from the past year. Let us harness the collective wisdom of our diverse membership to fuel our ambitions and our aspirations. The coming year holds the promise of fresh opportunities, the discovery of uncharted territories, and the potential for unprecedented growth. Together, as a cohesive and forward-thinking community, we are well-positioned to capitalize on these prospects and chart a course for success.
In the spirit of the season, l wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to ROLU business associates and network members for their unwavering commitment, dedication, and contributions throughout 2023. As we welcome the New Year, let it be a time of renewed energy, ambitious goals, and shared triumphs.
May 2024 be a year marked by collaboration, innovation, and unparalleled success for ROLU business associates and network members. Together, let us make it a year to remember!
Wishing you a prosperous and joyous New Year!

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