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Our dear Valued Network Member,

We have a deal for you. A deal we hope you will appreciate.

As we walk side by side with our heads held high and look forward to enhancing the demand and supply needs of our business community, we need to plan effectively towards a better, more prosperous future. We need to evolve better ways of finding where to get our needs and we need to evolve a more modern delivery system. This is what Imo State Business Link Magazine is all about. It is both a business directory and an advertising agency dealing with the challenges of demand and supply. Part of our response to these challenges was to set up the Group Face Book, Group WhatsApp and Group Telegram forums where members now interact and sponsor each other across categories.

A lot obviously happened in the past year. The world was taken unawares by the coronavirus pandemic and many died. So many that we can’t simply mention here gave up their lives to the horrible virus. And we just want to thank God that you were not one of those network members we could have lost. The good news is that we never lost any member of Imo State Business Link Magazine Network. So, we are in business because of people like you. And we appreciate.

During 2021 and even beyond that, we will continue to push our business frontiers wider, to meet up with the needs and aspirations of our network members where others found it difficult to do so. We have been through these past years with you and we are hopeful that you will be willing to create the right atmosphere that will enable us to continue together in our determination to distinguish our organization from others around the world as a model.

As we speak, we have improved and are still improving on our network members’ demand and delivery service approach. We have consolidated ways network members interact and patronize each other across categories through our Group WhatsApp, Group Facebook and Group Telegraph Forums.

Please call+23470 1689 0200 / +23491 5216 0688 to verify if your business is listed there, and to get your business enlisted if we have not already done so.  We encourage our network members to always discuss their businesses and business concerns on these platforms.

For a quick reference to our website, we will advise network members to download our App (ISBLM) via Google Play or at the bottom of our website where it is featured and install it on your mobile phones, laptops or desktops. In this regard, we have also extended our reach to all the 36 states of Nigeria, the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and to overseas countries where our people do business or render service. Our future together involves an extension of our business territories and customer service approach.

Once again, thank you immensely for your moral and financial support which we find invaluable. And for those of us who have continued to sit back and refuse to contribute their annual subscription to the network, please sit up and think again. Are you forgetting that we too are in the business of helping you grow your business? Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd, Publisher of Imo State Business Link Magazine, is a limited liability company, duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We have bills to pay. We pay staff salaries to our numerous Marketing Executives across the country. We pay for the website domain and maintenance of the site by our webmaster. We pay for electricity. We pay for data for our Wifi, which is quite exorbitant. We should be paying for office accommodation. We pay for the maintenance of our official vehicles. Soon, we will be interacting by Zoom at specific intervals and there will be invitation of foreign business experts who will answer questions from network members. Imo State Business Link Magazine Network makes daily and monthly expenses, not yearly expenses. So, it is simple to calculate if the meager N12, 000 a year you pay is all we actually need to run an efficient system like this.

We obviously can’t cope with our side of the network arrangement if members do not pay their little subscription fees every year. And so, I am appealing once again to the conscience of those who have not paid for 2021 to please pay immediately and get our full support in enhancing your business prospects.


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