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Today we come to the end of 2021. I think that in its entirety, we have reasons to glorify God that despite all the challenges the year brought in its wake, we are still here – still counting our blessings rather than our woes.

During the year, we lost just one of our network members, Mr. Dan Iloenyenwa to the cold hands of death. Dan was the CEO of Kingdom Technologies and Transactions, a well grounded security outfit in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 

I was sad that only a few network members were motivated to send condolence messages to this magazine or to the family of our deceased member. To me, it simply meant that we had a set of very selfish and insensitive members in our network which was never my design and would never have my support. 

I take this opportunity, therefore, to appeal to all members of this global organization to please treat others as you would want them to treat you. As an organization of business people, we must always be there for each other. We must again build up that trust which distinguished our people from the maddening crowd. We must always remember that a good business person is not the “hit-and-run” type that would dupe his client but the one who insists on keeping his customers by being nice to them and trusted by them.

Talking about 2021, one of the most important lessons it taught was that many businesses had to go digital. Gradually, analogue trading patterns are facing out and giving way to digital patterns. The problem we must overcome as we navigate the demand and supply terrain of our business community is that while many Nigerians are credited with being intelligent, they tend to use their intelligence in a negative way by being grossly dishonest in business. 

In this past year alone, a man from Kogi State who claimed he had Kalahari goats to sell duped me N52, 500 after I paid him an advance to supply 4 goats. He never did. Another lady from Oyo State who said she was into Bitcoin trading duped me N51, 350 after a long argument. These people came through the magazine. And that has made me take punitive measures to protect the image and integrity of the magazine from scammers who seem comfortable ruining the image of others and destroying the good name of their country. We must stand up to be counted among those who are seriously opposed to bad practice in business.

*From 2020, we will no longer advertise any business that is not listed on our website (https:\\ 

* To be listed on our website, there will be a fee of N5, 000

* To qualify for membership of the network, there will be an annual fee of N12, 000

* Advertisement will be rated and paid upfront as is the routine in all media outfits

* As new business embrace our mantra in 2022, we will gradually disengage those who are unable or unwilling to meet with their financial obligations

As we hit 2022, I wish you all a most prosperous New Year. We will take our quarterly inventory at the end of March and publish the results.

Thank you and God bless.

  • Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo

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