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 Dear Valued Network Member,

You must have heard that we are re-launching our website at full global level. This means that in whatever state of the country and in whatever country of the world Nigerians do business or render service, we will cover them adequately because we are committed to applying creative advertisements and demand and supply techniques to enable them extend their reach and up their revenue.

ROLU, now the brand name of Imo State Business Link Magazine is simply an acronym of the publishers Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd and is easily the most comprehensive online advertisement medium that doubles as a network directory of the businesses and services of the people of Nigeria and their Diaspora.

ROLU specializes in empowering and enhancing demand and supply chains. As an advertisement agency and a business directory, it is a medium like no other around the world, purely in a class of its own. 

Work is ongoing to revamp the website to accommodate more businesses globally. It has, therefore, become mandatory for your business to make your once a year payment of N12, 000 (Twelve thousand naira only) now so that your business can continue to be advertised on the website and in all our social media forums through 2023. 

Please pay to the UBA Account No. 10 18 95 64 51 of Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd, publishers of ROLU. Please be warned that failure to comply means we will gladly delist your business from our website and all our social media forums. We hope you will not let that happen as we plan to explore new markets with our network members.

We will also encourage you to make more frequent use of our Group WhatsApp, Face Book and Telegram forums to showcase your business and service provision to prospective customers.  

 For more information: call CEO/MD on+ 23491 5216 0866 / +4477 2411 3404 during office hours (9 am to 6 pm). Thank you for your time & cooperation.

Reach-Out-& Link-Up Ltd


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