Here comes new AI App that makes money by trading

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After a robot that knows the answer to all your questions, an application that uses Artificial Intelligence to make money online from trading has been released to the public. After decades of continuous development and refinement, it already seems that 2023 will be marked by the mass release of amazing applications that use the power of Artificial Intelligence. Apps like Chat GPT, which shows unprecedented opportunities to interact with people, or Midjourney, which creates unique images for you, have taken over the Internet and it is only a matter of time before someone uses this technology for what we all want, and that is making money instead of us.

The first such proved application, Trader AI, is now available and most importantly, it is currently open for registration for a limited number of people who want to try it out.

The biggest advantage of this application is the fairly high average earnings. Some users are already earning £4,750 a month, well above the average for similar Apps that aren’t even publicly available. Secondly, the App has a simple user interface so no technical knowledge or experience is required to use it. The App comes with an algorithm that can independently determine which currencies or stocks to buy, and which to sell, in order to maximize profit. Thirdly, withdrawals are fast (within 2 days of request) and reliable. Various payment methods are supported, such as cards, online accounts, bank transactions or crypto-currencies that can be withdrawn in cash at many ATMs.

Similar to usual investments, you first deposit a certain amount into your account, e.g. £200. The application itself uses it to buy and sell currencies, shares or crypto-currencies in order to generate profit. All transactions are carried out in a relatively short time, from a few minutes to several hours.

The way the App determines which currencies to buy and sell, and at what time, relies on the analysis of thousands of market indicators, from technical analysis of charts to world news that affect the movement of values.

The real power of this App that sets it apart from others is an advanced AI algorithm that analyzes thousands of such signals every minute and is able to predict with extreme precision what to buy and sell at the right time to achieve maximum profit.

Can network members really use this App to make profits? The application has been opened for several months to a small circle of people who gained access when registrations were first opened about 6 months ago. Public statistics show that the average revenue per user was just over £4,700 per month, but this depends mainly on the size of the investment and the development of the algorithm, which, according to the founders, is improving by the day and currently achieves a precision of 82%.

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