I am so sorry, Francis

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Francis slammed his eyes shut as the guy hurriedly picked up the pieces of his clothing that were scattered on the floor to cover his naked butt. “Sorry man” the guy said as he hurriedly left the room.

Debby hunched over at the edge of the bed, holding the blanket against her nakedness. Unable to meet her gaze, his chest burned and his throat constricted with pain. He had exhausted himself emotionally. He inhaled a deep breath and breathed out slowly. 


She made no response as she curled into a ball, covering her face with her hands. 

“Deborah,” he called a second time. “What have you done again? How could you do this again? Is it a curse or something? Wasn’t that your ex who had daily maltreated you?” 

He silently prayed he wouldn’t lose his mind. Her lips quivered and a cry escaped her. “I’m sorry,” she whimpered.

 Cold anger and raw hatred began thrumming through his veins. He took hold of the plastic chair close to the T.V and swung it against the wall. The chair scattered into pieces making a clattering noise on the floor. 

“You are sorry?” He gritted his teeth as he advanced towards the bed while she recoiled further, “you were sorry for the last one and the one before and the one after that and now you are sorry again …!” he basked in silence and sat at the tip of the bed, frustration  crinkling his eyes. 

“I’m so sorry Francis please…..” she sobbed, edging closer to him but the look he gave her made her move back. “What exactly is your problem Deborah? Why do you like hurting me this much? Is it a crime to love? This is the third year of our relationship, for God’s sake! And you had to cheat on me on the day of our anniversary?” he lamented. And dipping his hand in his pocket, he brought out a box. “Look… I said look up,” he shouted at her. 

She gasped as she saw the ring… her lips quivering.

 “Francis….. Please forgive me this last time, I promise it won’t happen again” she pleaded amidst sobs. 

He laughed bitterly. “You are doing this to me because I’m a fool, right?” 

She stood up frantically, the blanket dropping to reveal her naked body as she clung unto him. “Francis. You love me. You still do, don’t you?’ He smirked, cocking his head to the left and rolling his eyes to the right towards her. He said to her quietly stressing each word: “if you don’t get your whore body away from me right now, Debby, I swear by the time am through with you, no one will recognize you, not even those idiots you sleep around with will want to have anything to do with you.”

She gasped both at the words coming from him and the formidable look he gave her. She immediately recoiled from him, making no attempt to cover her body; she hurdled in a corner, her face in her hands, sobbing. 

He returned the box into his pocket and taking a few steps towards the door, he stopped. Taking another look at her he said: “I hate you, Debora. I hate you for using the love I have for you against me.” 

He opened the door and left, slamming the door behind him. Debby immediately wiped her face with her hands and climbed down from the bed. She slowly walked to the other part of the room and stopped in front of a wooden box hanging on the wall. On it was boldly written “FIRST AID.” 

She opened it and dipping her right hand inside, she brought a small container which she opened hurriedly and brought to her lip. She tilted her chin up as the content from the container found their way into her mouth. Shutting her eyes as the taste of the pills hit her, she swallowed as she replaced the cover of the container, taking it with her while she forgot to close the FIRST AID box. 

Taking few strides to her standing mirror, she stopped as she examined herself in the mirror, her face expressionless as she remembered that her fiancé had just caught her in bed with her ex. She hissed and walked to the bathroom. She sighed as the cold water from the shower ran down her warm naked body, and so many thoughts began to find their way into her mind. 

How could she have forgotten it was their anniversary? She should have known he would want to do something stupid like coming to her room unexpectedly. Even though they are in a relationship he shouldn’t have come unannounced. And so what, even if he was the one paying the house rent! But she really should have asked Pipi to take her to a hotel. 

Mother would be so mad for sure. She turned off the shower and stretched her hand to remove the towel from where it hung. Then she walked out of the bathroom. 

Mother had always liked Francis. She was even the main reason Debora was still with him, otherwise, she would have left his poor ass long ago. Maybe it was because he was a medical doctor. She grimaced. A boring doctor who seldom had time for her or maybe it was because he was a little bit fine, but still not as handsome as Pipi, if placed side by side. 

She plugged the hair dryer and pressed the button, bringing the dryer closer to her wet hair as the cold wave blew into it. It would get warmer, she thought. If she could only have her way this time, she thought, but she knew her mother wouldn’t agree. She was always saying how good Francis was. Someone would have thought she actually brought them together. 

She cocked her head to the other side which was still a little wet. Doing so, she caught her reflection in the mirror with her voluminous hair and pointy nose, curled eyelashes and perfect jaw line. Hers was a killer shape and a beautiful skin. Who else would have been chosen as the Campus Queen if not her? No one! 

These features and many more had lured so many men into her bed. All she needed to do was snap her fingers and men would follow sheepishly. She was a celebrity, and idol and she would enjoy it to the fullest. Her mother was just the problem. She knew she had no choice than to see her that day. She knew what her mother would say. But she would still go see her after all. She wasn’t ready to lose the only parent she had left.

 Editor’s Note: Reactions from public

  • I’ve heard that even when having an affair, bringing the other person into the home, or the bed you share with your spouse is rare. I think that most of the time when people cheat they are already checking out of the relationship, but I can’t help but wonder about the significance of going this far. Probably has a lot to do wanting to get caught, or wanting to hurt the person you’re cheating on, or wanting the affair partner to replace your spouse. In any event, I consider this to be the ultimate Failing you in the marriage with your spouse, and something I could never get over or forgive.
  • Why do you think a person would do this? Is this the ultimate betrayal when it comes to cheating? Maybe they want to get caught? I’m serious.  A friend of mine was so done with his relationship, but didn’t have the balls to end it, so he took a different route. Hotels cost money. Existing bed is free. 
  • Why are you expecting people to have shame when they have shown they have none? They do it because this is who they are, they don’t give a shit. They have just been very good at hiding it. You hear all the time that the BS has to eat a **** sandwich, but most of the time the WS — is the **** sandwich.
  • That actually makes a lot of sense. People find it so hard to break up so they might do something like this as a sort of self destruct button. It is fine, knowing that there’s no coming back from this in the relationship. When I went back to get my things, I found an “I love you” note and the remnants of breakfast in bed. There was only one bed, ours. He didn’t know what day I would be there, so I believe it was unintentional that I saw it.
  • He was replacing me. Forget enough to get over it, remember enough so it doesn’t happen again. Or maybe they just don’t give a damn. Don’t over-analyze it. You’re the one that is worried about fidelity and what not. The cheating spouse is broken. They are self-centered, narcissistic and sociopathic. And they might not be trying to hurt you. They just weren’t thinking about you, period.
  • Betrayed spouse make it about them. You got into a relationship with a broken person. They were this way before you and will be this way after you. You are self-centered too if you think it is about you. This should explain why you married or partnered up with a self-centered person in the first place.
  • I’m all for introspection. Examine yourself. You have something wrong with you that made you gravitate towards another that has something (or many things) wrong with them. If you are a selfish, conceited person you will be attracted to someone with those same traits. In fact, I see many people who are attracted to worse versions of themselves. You were a haughty person and you married someone who can beat you at it.
  • It always made me remember in church when the pastor would say, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added onto you”. This was insightful to me. Purify yourself and you will be attracted to another pure-of-heart person. I hear some people point to “good” little church girls or boys who end up with bad boys or girls. I laugh. 
  • You have answered your very own questions and in so doing, have hit the nail on the proverbial head! “To love another person is to see the face of God!” – Jean Valjean from Les Miserables
  • When my ex moved out to go live with her lover, one of the first things I did was get a new mattress! I’m not sure if they ever had sex in our marital bed or not but the thought of it sickened me. I think people can do things for symbolism sake.
  • So having sex on the marital bed with an AP is all you can think of? I read posts from wayward spouses on other forums. The waywards who almost did this to a person said they did not even think about it when they invited AP into their bedroom. They were so caught up in the affair that they did not give one smidgen of thought to how it would affect their spouse by doing this. So, again, it is not so much that they are out to deliberately humiliate BS, but that the BS factors are not at all in the compartmentalized thinking that goes into conducting an affair.
  • My ex wife had taken a couch and a nice chaise when she moved into her own place, and when she moved again to a different country, she offered them back to me. I literally asked her if she had done anything on those couches with OM, and she didn’t answer right away.  So, I said “No thanks, all yours”.
  • I didn’t think of it as “the marital home” or “the marital bed”. I thought of it as my home and my bed. Thinking of my ex in any way would have been a mood killer and ruined the experience with AP. Follow the evidence where it leads and question everything.

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