JAMB told to increase cut-off marks for education courses

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Professor Segun Ajiboye

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) has appealed to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to increase the cut-off marks for candidates seeking admission to study education courses in colleges and universities across the country.

TRCN noted that this is necessary in order to make admission into colleges and faculties of education stricter. TRCN said that this will help to ensure that the best brains enter the teaching profession.

Registrar/Chief Executive of TRCN Professor Segun Ajiboye, who made the call while presenting the 488th inaugural lecture of the University of Ibadan titled “Teaching in the classroom as a regulator”, stated that lowering the cut-off for education courses will negatively affect the quality of people who teach Nigerian children. Ajiboye is a Professor of Social Studies, Civic and Environmental Studies at the University of Ibadan. While addressing his audience, Ajiboye maintained that cut-off marks to education-related courses should rank among the highest. He said, “Admission into colleges of education and faculties of education in Nigeria should be stricter. The current practice is dangerous for the future of our education. Those who want to teach our children should be the best in our society and not the dregs. The UTME cut-off marks into colleges of education and faculties of education, if possible, should rank among the highest. The hydra-headed crisis of quality and quantity of teachers demands a strong policy response. Rebuilding the system should take into account how the once cherished vocation, the mother of all professions should attract the best brains and retain them.”

Ajiboye, while speaking further said that Nigeria needs to urgently review her teacher’s education policy and programs in order to produce 21stcentury teachers. He insisted that it is important that teachers’ education programmes be reviewed to meet modern day challenges of globalization and the post-COVID ‘19 era.

“We must urgently do a review of our teacher education policy and program to produce teachers for the 21st century classroom. The rest of the world is not waiting for Nigeria. Professional training is critical, just as mastery of subject matter, teachers’ welfare and an environment that promotes learning. It is, therefore, important to stress the fact that the need for a review of our teacher education program is long overdue. To meet the challenges of globalization, efforts should be put in place for an immediate review of the curricular, methodology, motivation and resources components of our program. Teaching today demands a lot more sophistication than previously. Therefore, pre-service teachers need to be adequately equipped to meet the classroom demands. Consequently, it is incumbent upon governments through their respective ministries to ensure that quality education is provided to our youth. For quality education to be achieved, there must be adequate quality teachers who have gone through quality training, hence the need to re-brand and re-profile the teacher.  For this to be realized, there is the need to regulate the teaching profession with a view to ensuring the provision of quality teachers for quality teaching and learning.”


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