Seven Universities that offer Free Education to Foreign Students

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scholarships in Europe shcools

Pursuing studies in another country is an experience most people dream about. To study abroad means to have the opportunity to get to meet new people, know new cultures, taste new foods, visit different places and learn many more new things along the way.

In spite of this, leaving your home country and heading to another country to start your studies could become a complicated process and sometimes even cause difficulties for students to achieve the goal due to high university costs.

The good news is that there are many countries across the world where higher education is free of charge and students must pay only the administration fees.

Here’s the list of top 7 countries offering free education to international students:


The reason why international students’ demand to pursue their studies in Germany has been increasing over the recent years is that almost all of the public universities there do not require university tuition fees from German and international students. The only payment that students have to make is to cover the administration expenses, which could cost around  €150-250.

Quality in education system also increases the number of international students coming every year in Germany. Over 40 universities in Germany have ranked among the best universities worldwide in World University Rankings.

Despite the fact that there is no need to pay any tuition fee at most of the public universities in Germany, international students must bear in mind that they still need to pay for their living costs, unless they benefit from any scholarship. Also, if students come from a country where a student visa is needed, they have to provide the evidence that they possess  €10,236 per year or €850 per month to cover the living costs.

The top study destinations in Germany are considered Munich and Berlin, which in 2019 were also ranked among the most affordable cities for international students.


Students who want to study abroad for free can also consider Austria as the right study destination. Regarding the costs of higher education, Austria offers the same rights to Austrian and EU/EEA international students, who are allowed to study for free at any program or degree level.

However, students must pay an amount of €363 per semester once they register at any university in Austria. This fee increases if students come from outside of the  EU/EEA countries, meaning a semester will cost around €700 or more.

Czech Republic

Often referred to as “the heart of Europe”, the Czech Republic is another country which offers free education to international students. However, in order to benefit from the free tuition fees at any public universities, students must know the local language.

In case a student wants to continue studies in the English language, he/she needs to pay €4,000-12,000 as tuition fee per year. According to statistics, over 43,000 international students pursue their studies in the Czech Republic.


In Brazil, domestic and international students can study for free at most public universities and will have to pay only the registration fees. Whereas, at private higher education institutions, the amount that students have to pay depends on the university and the degree program that a student chooses.

Prior to applying to any university in Brazil, students should undergo an exam through which they demonstrate that they know the Portuguese language. Brazil is also considered an affordable country for students because the costs for food and transport are cheaper compared to countries around.


Officially known as the French Republic, France is a country located in northwestern Europe, which is rich historically and culturally and considered among the oldest nations in the world. International students can consider continuing studies in France due to its advanced education sector as well as because the higher education in the country is free at several universities.

In France, students can also benefit from many scholarships granted by the French government, which start from €7,000 to €21,000. Living costs in the country are also affordable unless the students choose to live in the country’s capital Paris.


Another state where international students are free of paying tuition fees at universities is Finland, especially for post-graduate and doctoral students. The Finnish education system is also considered among the best ones in the whole world. Universities in Finland are mostly known to offer courses in the following fields:

  1. Designing
  2. Architecture
  3. Communication

Students coming from EU countries can study for free in Finland at any program, while non-EU students who want to study in English must pay tuition fees.


Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are free at many universities in Sweden for Swedish students, EU/EEA students, as well as students from Switzerland, with the exception of non-EU students who must pay to study in Sweden. Meanwhile, PhD programs are free for all students worldwide. Sweden also offers financial support to PhD students for their research work, and not only, but international students in Sweden can also benefit from many scholarships given by many Swedish universities.

The most popular universities in Sweden include:

  • Stockholm University
  • Uppsala University
  • Karolinska Institutet

Whereas, University of Gothenburg, Dalarna University, Luleå University of Technology are among the universities where higher education is free.

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