Soon death will be optional: humans can live over 150 years

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Peter Xing and Charles Awuzie
Peter Xing and Charles Awuzie

The Co-founder and CEO of The Transhuman Coin (THC), Dr. Charles Awuzie, has reiterated his stance that, with the ongoing disruptive research findings in longevity science, death by natural causes will be optional and that humans will live over 150 years by 2045.

The Nigerian South African-based techpreneur and biochemist, who is also the CEO of Gemsbok Group, made this known while speaking on the launch of Gemsbok’s new generative artificial intelligence (AI) chat box, called GemsbokGPT.

Founded by Charles Awuzie and Peter Xing, THC is a cryptocurrency focusing on future human technologies to merge biotechnology with blockchain technology to facilitate medical and biotechnology research. According to Awuzie, THC currently has over 14,000 holders and 16,000 community members who are looking forward to the next phase of their project, which will enable them to contribute to medical research and earn from their contributions.

“The longevity field is another emerging field of interest. Biotechnology is going to take the world by storm just like Artificial Intelligence,” he said. “Transhuman Coin is a research-oriented token. We are merging artificial intelligence with biotechnology in the Metaverse to solve diseases and aging.”

He said the THC team is led by a high-powered scientific advisory board led by Professor Avinash Singh, a Google award-winning brain machine-interface expert at the University of Technology, Sydney. He also said that they have invested in a robotic AI-powered wheelchair which was even tested by Melinda Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“In 2021, I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases which were genetically inherited from my parents. My condition was life-threatening but could have been detected and understood earlier if there was a ledger that stored genetic data on the blockchain,” he said. “We will solve death by 2045. Death will become optional.”

Awuzie revealed that THC has partnered with the South African Medical Research Council and Itheum to develop and maintain a blockchain ledger that stores genetic and health data for research purposes.

“The uniqueness of our project is that owners of the data will receive incentives each time their data is used for research,” he said. “This will provide some economic relief to the owners of the data who are predominantly from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Recently on his verified Facebook page, Awuzie posted that he and the THC community will be the first organisation to establish longevity clinics across Africa, invest in age-reversal solutions, and live a healthy and long life in wealth.

Dr. Charles Awuzie

In light of this, he noted that THC’s major goal is to build a research centre by 2023 that will enable interaction between scholars, students, and the longevity industry to enhance research opportunities in the longevity field, brain-human-interface, and anti-aging field while promoting academic excellence, knowledge creation and solving real-world problems.

“The Transhuman Fund Wallet is dedicated to this project, and the wallet is directly under the control of the THC Scientific Advisory Board,” he added.

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