Ways undergraduates can spend their vacations

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School vacations are meant to refuel the energy of students and give them some valuable time with their families. However, it can also be spent learning, exploring and making discoveries. With the presence of ASUU and the unpredictable climate of the country’s education system, undergraduates must leverage on learning avenues to be the better versions of themselves.

Here, there are five things undergraduates should do to engage themselves during vacations:

Take new courses online

The internet has a lot of perks to offer anyone willing to make sacrifices. There are tons of long and short courses on the internet today every undergraduate can take advantage of during vacations. Do your search and start learning new courses. Google is your friend.

 Volunteer and lead

Making the world a better place is another thing you can do during vacations. There are several organizations looking to leverage on your administrative and storytelling skills. The result of doing this is that your curriculum vitae will house some volunteering experiences. Also, volunteering experiences can serve as a work experience in some organizations’ books.

 Attend webinars and seminars

A webinar is a remote atmosphere where you have access to a pool of knowledgeable professionals. It could be more than that. To have access to webinars, be active on career-driven platforms. Remember, your network is your net worth. Seminar is physical webinar where professionals meet to discuss issues. Here, you can also network and explore opportunities. 

 Go for an industrial training

What better way do undergraduates have to learn the hands-on experience of their course of study except through industrial training? Your school may not deem it fit to put you on industrial training, but you need it. Industrial training introduces undergraduates to work experience in their fields.

Hone your communication skills

Communication skills are one of the prerequisites employers or clients consider before working with you. Most of the time, you may not be aware your lack of communication skills is putting you at a disadvantage. Hence, spend your vacations reading new books, writing, publicly speaking and also listening.

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