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I heartily welcome our ROLU network members to the romantic month of February. I am sure we all know the importance of our gifts and that we are preparing to show our loved ones just how much we care.

This is the period we showcase our love and care to our wives and husbands, sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, uncles and aunties, our friends and all those who have made or are making the positive differences in our lives as business men and women. Gifts would do but the greatest gift we need most to offer at this time is trust.

But for our Nigerian business associates, that is not all there is for this historic month. As business people, the kind of people you put in charge of making policies on trade and business will have a huge impact on how businesses accelerate or depreciate over the next four years. This is the month that Nigerians will go the polls to vote into public offices, those they trust will pilot the affairs of the country on their behalf for the next four years. 

It is good that hardship is teaching most Nigerians a lesson. It is beginning to make Nigerians realize that they have rights and that those rights must be protected by all legitimate means. Unfortunately, the lesson has failed to sink into the heads of some gullible voters who cannot plan a future for themselves, let alone plan for their children and children’s children. 

I was shocked to learn last week that some members of Enugu PDP demonstrated at the residence of Prince Arthur Eze because their presidential flagbearer, Atiku Abubakar promised them the sum of N100 million but what they got instead was face caps that bore Atiku’s picture and not even a kobo. In their anger they burnt all the face caps and said they would not be voting for Atiku because he failed to give them the hundred million naira he promised them. The most annoying aspect of this idiocy was that these are people from the South East Region who are supposed to have known better, who should have been leading the rest of the country in the attainment of true democracy.

I would want to believe that political educators have made enough incursions into Nigerian hinterlands and that through their local leaders, pastors and imams, even the most illiterate Nigerians now know why they must not accept money in exchange for their votes and the future of their families. They should know that anyone who pays them money is not going there to serve them but to boss them. Nigerians have suffered enough through the years because of bad, clueless leaderships. They should now take their fortunes in their hands. The country must shift from the old practice of politics of power to the modern practice of politics of service delivery. And the only way this can be possible is by the voters not casting their votes along party lines, not along tribal lines and not along religious lines.

Voters in this election know the credible ones of the four most prominent presidential contenders. They knew Ahmed Tinubu from his records as governor of Lagos state. They can tell what he is capable of doing as President. They knew Atiku Abubakar from his records as Vice President of Nigeria under Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. They can tell you what he is capable of doing as President. Nigerians knew Rabiu Kwankwaso from his records as governor of Kano State. They can tell you what he is capable of doing as President. They knew Peter Obi from his records as governor of Anambra State. They can tell you what he can do as President. So, no one needs to be told anything except vote for the man who can secure a future for you and your family. And no one should take any money to vote. That is the only way they can talk about and claim their rights if anyone trampled on them.

Having said that, let us not forget that it is only fourteen days to Valentine Day. Those who love ROLU and what the editors are doing to harness the demand and supply chains of Nigerian business community worldwide should also show that love by taking on their financial responsibility of paying up their annual subscription of only N12, 000 (about £13) only. 

As you all know, we have started our de-listing exercise. And we are quick about that. All the editors want is one of two answers. No, I am no longer with you guys. You can delist my business from your website and all your social media forums. Or yes, I am still with you. Here is my N12, 000 subscription for 2023 or I will pay on such and such date (not exceeding Friday, 31 March 2023).

I wish all of us God’s guidance and hope that you don’t forget to keep praying that God restores Nigeria as His own favoured country and show the people the way to cherish their diversity as their strength and not their weakness.

Happy Valentine!

  • Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo

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