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Welcome to the month of March 2022. This month marks the end of the first quarter of the year.

I am glad to observe that in our social media forums, there is a huge influx of people from across the globe who profess interest in the works we do at Imo State Business Link Magazine. From 600 members of the FB network in the last quarter of 2021, our memberships have more than doubled to over 1,200 members. And we are still expanding.

In the Group One of our WhatsApp network, we have 141 members, 61 members in Group Two and 109 members in Group 4, making a total of 311 members. This means that we have to invite more people into the groups before the end of the quarter. And we will see how it goes!

I am happy to note that a good number of the new members are eager to showcase their products through our medium. However, as I mentioned elsewhere, it has become necessary that we put new policies in place to safeguard our members from scammers. 

In the past year we had two experiences of scammers who actually succeeded in duping our members. As a result of those experiences, members of our Board of Directors met and decided that only businesses listed on Imo State Business Link Magazine website should be given access to advertise in any of our social media forums. 

This policy became compulsory in order to forestall scammers who would claim they have products that they don’t actually have and thereby try to dupe unsuspecting members who are lured to pay them some money in advance of delivery of the “products”. Once they pay, that is the end of the story.

From the start of this year, it became mandatory that before any business is listed on our website, we should request to know the name of the business or company, its address, the nature of the business, contact name and contact number. We will then detail our representative nearest to the location to verify the authenticity of the claim. Once ratified, our team of editors will write up an advertisement for the business from the information we have and list the business on our website.

Thereafter, the business will be invited to join our Group FB and Group WhatsApp network where members interact, discuss business and patronize each other across categories.

I want to use this opportunity to sincerely welcome our brothers and sisters who are coming from Asia, especially from India and Pakistan. You have a lot to offer from your technology and because of that, we at Imo State Business Link Magazine appreciate you. 

I will expect that our Asian business associates will first list their company on our website so they can be given access to advertise on our social media forums. 

If you are interested in expanding the scope of your business territory, text the information below to +23491 5216 0688 or +23470 1689 0200: (a) Name of Business or Company  (b) Address of Business or Company  (c) Nature of Business in details  (d) Contact Name and (e) Contact Phone Number. Our team of editors will then build up an advertisement for your business after our verification exercise and list it on our website.

One more thing I need to point out is that Imo State Business Link Magazine is patterned along Christian ethics. For instance, we do not condone ritual money. We support and encourage hard work. We support and encourage trade on products and technology. We support and encourage genuine service provision. 

So, for instance, our numerous members who are always asking other members to come for ritual money or ritual sacrifices of goats and stuff, please desist from posting such demands on our social media forums because they run against the policy of this Establishment. Such postings will never be approved and if smuggled in, will be expunged by the Administrators the very moment they are spotted.

On a final note, I hope we will all enjoy doing business with each other in Imo State Business Link Magazine Network during this month of March and will be willing to take inventory of our successes and where we need to improve at the end of the quarter.

Thank you and God bless.

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