Nigerian workers’ march towards true democracy

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Once again we have many reasons to give thanks to God for the safe passage of April. During the month, we had no sad news about any of our approximately 2,000 network members.

Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo

Today, as every other first day of May in Nigeria, as well as in many other democratic countries around the world, the people will usually celebrate what has come to be known as Workers’ Day. The day is always declared a public holiday by government.
The Minister of Interior, Chief Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, on behalf of the Federal Government will congratulate Nigerian workers for their commitment and sacrifice towards building a better Nigeria. He will commend the workers for their indefatigable effort at ensuring the full implementation of government policies and programmes through efficient and effective service delivery to Nigerians and foreign investors.
All the candidates of various political parties that participated in the 2023 presidential election will also congratulate Nigerian workers on the occasion of today’s event. In their previous goodwill messages, they had defined workers’ unions in Nigeria as critical partners in the economic development of the country. They had also observed that it was the hard work and resilience of the Nigerian workers that constituted the engine and lubricant of the country’s economic growth and national development. And so, they always commended the various labour unions in Nigeria for being dependable watchdogs that always served the interest of the Nigerian people.
Through the years since Nigeria acquired self rule, the various labour unions in the country never seized to play pivotal intermediary roles between the government and the people, the most recent being the agitation for an increase in the monthly minimum wage of workers from N30,000 to N615,000.
ROLU Ltd. congratulates the labour unions in Nigeria for this feat and assures them that with the same kind of determination, it would be possible to further improve the living standards of the Nigerian worker. Given the creative energies and resilience of Nigerian workers, it is very possible for the workers’ unions to create economic buoyancy and redefine the country’s narrative as a centre of prosperity and not the poverty capital of the world.
Well-meaning citizens of Nigeria will also celebrate Workers’ Day with the workers, in acknowledgement of the great sacrifices they make for the country. And so, we also call on organized labour under their various professional unions to embrace the path of peace, harmony and national unity in all their engagements with employers of labour and governments at all levels.
Today, many Nigerians will stay home to enjoy the celebration with their families. But only few, unfortunately, will think it necessary to sit down quietly and reflect on what work means in Nigeria, to Nigerians.
Preposterous, as it seems, Nigeria is one country where the citizens always go for the money, not the jobs. It is obvious that the attitude of employers of labour contributed immensely to the lackadaisical working habit of today’s workers in the country. Over the years, workers were usually owed arrears of salaries running into several months by employers of labour.
Even when succeeding Nigerian governments made it a point of duty to stand on the rooftop to advertise how much they would be committed to the eradication of bribery and corruption in the country, yet every year seemed to deepen the rot Nigerian citizens were into because government was always the number one culprit when it came to the question of late payment of workers’ salaries. It is a national curse that Nigerian leaders must break.

When the breadwinner of a family is unsure whether or not his family would eat the next meal because he does not know when his wages would be paid, or if indeed they will be paid at-all, what would any one expect? In his anxiety, he tries to get some money, by hook or crook, so that at-least he can put some sort of food on the breakfast table for his family.
That state of affairs inevitably culminates, not only in corrupt practices, but more depressingly, leads to child labour, which is also child abuse. It is one reason why, in practically every city in Nigeria today, children as young as eight years can be seen hawking commodities like banana, groundnuts, puff-puff and pure water. In the process, they are unashamedly exposed to all kinds of hazards, from road accidents to rape and even kidnapping. In this messy state of affairs, government remains the main culprit because it is the highest employer of labour, and because its legislative arm has criminally refused to enact laws that can financially stabilize working class families and subsequently, the Nigerian society. Nigerian children deserve a better deal than this.
The more advanced democratic countries, like the UK and the US, started their war against bribery and corruption by enacting laws which made it a very serious crime for employers of labour not to pay their workers on time. This was one of the benefits of the industrial revolution and one that has been largely responsible for the level of stability their societies have enjoyed over the centuries. In these countries, some workers are paid weekly, some bi-weekly, some every four weeks and others on a particular day of the month. No one is ever owed arrears of salary because employers know that if an employee brings their case before an Employment Tribunal, they might end up paying heavy fines as penalty or the company may even be shut down for incompetence. The result is that working class families are able to plan their lives, living within their means and this makes for a stable society. This is what Nigerians expect from the Tinubu-led federal government of Nigeria.
As we step into the month of May, I would like to extend a warm welcome to each of our business associates. I hope this month sees everyone well in our respective endeavours.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that our delisting exercise of non-financial members is currently underway. Our commitment to maintaining the integrity and quality of our network is paramount, and as such, we are ensuring that all members are actively engaged and contributing their little quota towards our general good.
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Wishing you a productive and prosperous month ahead.
– Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo, KSC (Publisher)

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