Study abroad expert shares tips to avoid being scammed

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With more Nigerians seeking foreign education, an overseas education expert, Edna Joseph, has shared tips that prospective students should consider during the application process. Edna, who runs Profound Educational Services, an agency that helps place students into schools in Canada, said verification was key to protecting students from unscrupulous people parading as agents.

If a student receives an unsolicited email, Edna said: “Verify the authenticity of the sender by checking the email address and conducting research.

“We help students apply into verifiable accredited institutions,” she said.

Edna warned prospective students to be wary of false claims, fake schools with phony websites, and hidden fees.

To avoid losing funds to fraudsters, she also underscored the importance of using official communication channels and consulting experts. She advised prospective students to work with only accredited agents. She said any communication along the admissions process that is unofficial should raise a red flag.

“When applying to study abroad, we help you apply through an official channel as we are affiliated with those schools. This will give you the peace of mind that your application is being processed securely.

“My company is accredited by the International Consultant for Education and Fairs ICEF (, an organisation that does thorough screening on agents. Our badge number is # 4493.”
To avoid misinformation, Edna said it was important to consult experts like Profound Educational Services.

“Consult with experts like us. If you’re unsure about a study abroad programme, consult with a professional education counselor or an expert in the field. This is what we always tell our students because there is a lot of information out there which might not be correct,” she said.

In choosing an expert to work with, Edna said students should check that they are engaging an organisation that would listen and carry them along the whole process, and not one that does things behind their backs.

“Students need an Education agency that will involve them in the whole application process. That’s exactly what we do with all our students. It is the reason we are the most preferred. Check our Google review,, and read what successfully students are saying about our professionalism. I must say, the process of applying to and attending a foreign university can be complex and time-consuming. Students need an expert that will take care of all the details for them – from finding and applying to schools and guide through obtaining the visa. At Profound Education, we stay with students all the way,” she said.

Ultimately, to succeed in the application process and even afterwards, as a student, Edna said the applicant must be serious minded and determined. She also said students with good grades tend to do better over time than others.

Students can reach them at their office in Ikeja Plaza, by phone (08067788942, 09019389504) or visit our website ( and social media channels (;

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