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It is evident from the look of things during this last quarter of 2021 that many businesses in Eastern Nigeria haven’t got any knowledge or even opinion of the advantages they stand to gain by keying into an online advertising agency and business directory like Imo State Business Link Magazine. But the benefits are there and they are numerous.

First is the fact that advertising your business online gives you ample global visibility.  As a result, the number of your business associates must increase and naturally you settle for a greater income. So, the online presence of your business or service will always be useful because any business or service with a good online presence in the medium will invariably make huge profits.  

Imo State Business Link Magazine is an innovation, a brand that is in a class of its own, like no other magazine around the world. And it is registered as an intellectual property. Apart from being an advertising agency, it doubles as a business directory. What makes it rather unique is that it is adapted to our local Igbo standards and cultural values. 

We have Group WhatsApp and Group Face Book Forums.  And if you upload your business on our Group WhatsApp or Group Face Book forums at least once a week, you will reach out to many thousands, and particularly the thousands of our network members who patronize each other across categories. Among them, business is like family.

For instance, a network member who is a fashion designer can patronize another member who is a drycleaner. A network member who deals in building materials can engage another member who is a mechanic to work on his car. In such a way, we try to build back the trust and confidence the Igbo had among themselves which they lost when they surrendered to Nigeria in 1970 in order to stop the continued suffering of our women and children during the war. 

We have so far carried our people along in our effort to rebuild the Igbo nation’s business community on a more globally acceptable level. But we have also experienced a lot of difficulties. First is that we need to rebuild that trust by the level of discipline we place among our clients and us. I have personally had to turn down many uploads on our social media forums because they didn’t meet up to the moral standards of the magazine. 

Second is that our people are not coming up with their bit of financial contribution to make our vision less cumbersome. For that reason, we are not able to give of our best or expand as rapidly as we would have loved to or become as inclusive as would benefit everybody who has a business or service to offer. Perhaps, network members need to be better educated and a lot of personal interaction and explanations might become necessary. 

My take is that the typical Igbo man or woman is not a fool. They should recognize an opportunity when they see one. But unfortunately, that is not the case. Rather, there is a tendency to abuse opportunities because everybody wants to get rich over night. We had to work on these areas. As a consequence, our Board of Directors reviewed some of our commitments so far and made far reaching decisions.

In 2022, business owners are no longer going to advertise free on classified websites like https://rolultd.com.  

They will continue to enjoy the benefit of technological transfer in 2022 but no longer for free. For example, I was pleasantly surprised when someone called me from the United Arab Emirates to ask if he could register with us. He was into vehicle spare parts and had seen our website. I said of course he should and the registration would only cost him N5, 000.00. 

You too can take advantage of that and register your business or service with Imo State Business Link Magazine. All you need to do is text the following information to +23470 1689 0200 or +23491 5216 0688. 

  1. Name of Business
  2. Address of Business
  3. Nature of Business
  4. Contact Name
  5. Contact Number

Our editors will then build up an advertisement for your business or service and get it listed on our website, for a token N5, 000. But if you must use our social media platforms to trade and interact with other network members, then there is an annual subscription fee of only N12, 000 which must be paid before your network membership is ratified.  

Why choose Imo State Business Link Magazine?

Taking your business to Imo State Business Link Magazine will save you the high cost of advertising in local media like Radio and TV. We are global and have an online presence that is truly admirable because we are a business directory, an advertising agency and we combine these with Business News, Health News, Education News and Editorial Commentary on our Blog. We care about our members in these and various other ways.

Registering your business with Imo State Business Link Magazine means that you have the opportunity to manage your business from any part of the world. We are all witnesses to how the pandemic ruined so many businesses, especially businesses that were not online, businesses that had no online presence. That should be a wake-up call to everyone who has not come online with his or her business.

Your online presence in Imo State Business Link Magazine (https://rolultd.com) will enable you make unlimited income according to your line of business. The good news about online business is the fact that as each day goes by, you find yourself growing if you are doing the right thing.

Joining our group will save you a lot of money because we are already established and known globally. Building your own website won’t become necessary because you will be flowing down the river with thousands of other network members, not rowing upstream. Not only will your business be noticed and patronized even by other network members, you will also be able to notice others whose services you might need at some point. You don’t need to budget any amount beyond N12, 000 a year for all our services. 

You have no need to pay for a website domain or pay a webmaster for the maintenance of your website. You can save all that and still have your business online with us, spaciously advertised. You still retain your brand as a network member. Building a brand for your business is one of the best things we do in our advertising. 

Our website (https:\\rolultd.com) will say much about your business, to achieve that. It will display your goods and services for the public, tell the public your aim, give them more insight into your services, display testimonials and reviews and above all, display your contact details so they can reach you.

Log on to Imo State Business Link Magazine website (https://rolultd.com). If you are using a smart phone, click on to MENU and you will find the magazine’s features 

ISBLM Team introduces members of the Board of Directors

Categories will acquaint you with the areas of our A – Z coverage.

About Us – tells you all you need to know about the magazine. 

In our Blog, click on the + button and access our Business News, Education News, Health News and Editorial Opinion.

We then have “From the Publisher” detailing the publisher’s view and assessment of the magazine’s progress and problems.

And we have the “Contact Us” form where we get feedbacks from clients. Their messages come directly to my email and they are replied to promptly.

Come along with us. View through our column for Categories and our Blog. And discover what it is that distinguishes Imo State Business Link Magazine from any other in the world. We are just different.

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