Welcome to February: the month of business love and renewal

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It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome ROLU Business Magazine network members and their associates worldwide to the month of February 2024, the month that is normally associated with, and popularized by Valentine Day celebrations across nations all over the world.
From the look of things it would appear that the month of January flirted quickly past. We thank God that none of our members reported experiencing any setback either in health or in business. And so, I hope this message finds all of us well and ready to embrace the opportunities that February brings. As we step into this new month, I would also want to remind you of the significance this month holds for both business and personal relationships.
February is often associated with love, appreciation and gratitude. It presents us with a unique opportunity to express our affection not only to our loved ones but also to our valued customers and business associates who play an integral role in our professional lives. In the spirit of this season, therefore, I encourage each of us to take time and show appreciation to our customers and business associates. Whether it’s a heartfelt ‘thank you’ note, a small token of appreciation, a WhatsApp or internet message showing solidarity, or simply taking the time to reach out and express gratitude, let’s make February a month of strengthening connections and fostering goodwill within our business community.
I would also like to take this opportunity to remind those members who have not yet paid their annual subscriptions for the first time, or renewed theirs, to do so promptly. Your annual subscription fee of N12, 000 is vital for sustaining the resources and services that our network provides, allowing us to continue delivering valuable insights and opportunities to support your business endeavours.
We are still continuing with our delisting exercise for those businesses that are unable or unwilling to live up to their billing. They must understand that we are in business too and that we have salaries to pay, the website domain, hosting and security to pay for, electricity bills, wifi bills, phone bills and much more to cope with.
Your timely payment or renewal ensures uninterrupted access to our premium content, exclusive networking opportunities, and a host of other benefits designed to enhance the professional growth and success of your business If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to submit your payment to maintain your active membership status. Pay into the UBA account number 10 18 95 64 51 of Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd, publishers of ROLU Business Magazine.
As we embark on this new month together, let us reaffirm our commitment to excellence, collaboration and mutual support within our business community. It is my fervent prayer that February brings us renewed inspiration, fruitful connections, and continued success in all our endeavours.

Wishing you all the very best for a productive and prosperous month ahead.

Warm regards,

Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo, KSC


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