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Dear ROLU Business Magazine Network Members & Associates,
It is my please to welcome you to the month of March 2024. As usual we would look back on and assess our performances since the start of the year and see to what extent we have kept faith with our clients and improved on our delivery. But first, let us be grateful to God that we were alive to see the beginning of the end of the first quarter of the year 2024. We never received any sad news of the exit of or injury to any of our network members or business associates in the first three months of the year. And so, we have good reasons to be thankful to God for His inestimable love and care for us.
During the first three months of 2024, we were able to add more members to our list. We are still expanding our frontiers and will definitely cover more grounds this year than we previously did. We have also improved on our format to distinguish our website from its sister websites like Jiji, Konga and Jumia all of which are trading platforms. Of course we differ considerably from them because our main job is to advertise the goods and services of the Nigerian people worldwide and to direct the flow of traffic towards their businesses. In such a way, we are able to expose their goods and services to millions of prospective clients and improve on their volume of trade.
We had also planned to host some business moguls in a webinar that would enable our network members and business associates learn new global strategies for their marketing needs. But though arrangements have been concluded with speakers from overseas and some African countries, the unwillingness or inability of a good number of our clients to support our efforts financially appears to have forestalled this and other plans we have to enhance the demand and supply chains of our clients and their business associates.
I would, therefore, like to remind network members that Reach-Out & Link-Up is still going on with its delisting exercise. We are not really happy or proud to do this. But truth be told, we are also in business – the business of advertising and promoting your business and service provision. We have to pay our workers, from security to marketing officers and executives, the editor and the webmaster. We have to pay NEPA bills or run our generator in the absence of NEPA light. We have to subscribe to Wifi for our laptops and desktops and purchase recharge cards for our phones. We have to maintain our office vehicles and so on. Like any other business venture, we need money to serve you more professionally.
It is, therefore, saddening that despite our numerous appeals, many members have bluntly stood their ground not to commit themselves financially to us. We will consequently be left with no other choice than to part ways with such people. To that extent and to save our time, I have instructed the editor and marketing executives to simply ask our network members if they still want to continue with us or not.
If you say yes, you pay your 2024 subscription of just N12,000 into the UBA account number 1018 95 64 51 of Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd without further delay. And if you say no, we will gladly oblige you and take your business off our website and all our social media forums. It is better to have 1,000 clients who are paying annually without being reminded to do so than to have one million clients who are not paying.
So, when any of the marketing officers approaches you for your annual subscription, do us that favour to tell them yes, I am with you or no, I am no longer interested in your advertisement.
Your prompt action would be greatly appreciated, as it would safeguard the continuity of your business or company’s presence within our esteemed community or save us the problem of continuing to chase after wild geese.
Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to continuing our journey of growth and success together if that is your choice. We continue to move forwards in our innovations. Hopefully our new plans for the website and our clients will gain fruition in no distant time.
For now, my prayer is that we all remain blessed in our various endeavours and that God continues to grant us His favour. Amen. Welcome to March 2024.
Warm regards,
Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo, KSC


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