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I would like to take this opportunity to wish our members at Imo State Business Link Magazine a hearty welcome to a new month, the month of October, the start of the last quarter in 2022.
In the past two months we suspended publication, I have had so many of our network members, family, friend and associates mail or phone in to ask what kept us away. I told them we will soon be available. And true to my testimony we are back on the internet.
The fact was that I had taken ill while on a long working holiday in Nigeria. Initially, I had an attack of cough. I went to a pharmacist to buy medications. But for four days, the cough persisted. Then I started feeling feverish on the fifth day. I had thought it was the usual Nigerian typhoid and malaria saga. I went to a local chemist shop to buy medicines. I was not feeling any better. On the sixth day, barely able to stand on my legs, I sent for an ambulance to take me to the community hospital in my town. I was immediately admitted and medications were given. But I had lost my appetite for food, so that for the next six days or more, I could not eat any sort of food, and that added to my weakness.
Surprisingly, the following day, my wife and older son arrived from London. I was not expecting them. They said the village people had phoned to tell them how sick I was. And they rushed to come and take me back to London, our station, for better medical treatment. I had always been a strong person considering that the last times I was admitted in hospital was in 1966 when I had acute malarial attack and was admitted at Amaigbo Joint Hospital for two days, and in 1987 when I had gall bladder operation at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu.
When my family came from the UK, I was not in a position to fly. The cough had gone completely, but I was weak and unable to even stand on my feet. So, we drove down to the Federal Medical Centre Owerri where I was admitted again for three days. Although the doctors there tried their best to be friendly and work-conscious, we found the entire place needed a serious upgrade, but that will be the story for another day.
On the fourth day, we were ready to travel back to London as I had been sufficiently stabilized to make the journey and we did. Arriving London at about 4.30 pm, my younger son drove us from Heathrow Airport to Guys and St. Thomas Hospital where I was again admitted. I was told later that on arrival, my kidneys and liver were functioning at just 9%. They made me go through several blood tests and scans. Medications followed. I was at Guys and St. Thomas for 9 days and was discharged to go home and follow up with my medications. I thank God that I am fit again to continue with our work.
My illness cost my family much money but we remain grateful to God for his faithfulness. It also taught me lessons that had never crossed my mind all these years – to be ready any day for the rainy day. Now I have insured myself against any spiritual, emotional, mental or physical damage and hope that any day I am done, the burden will not be too heavy for my family.
Now, a few hints. First is that from now until December 31, we will expect every member of this organization to pay up their N12, 000 annual dues to the UBA account Number 10 18 95 64 51 of Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd, publishers of Imo State Business Link Magazine. Any business that fails to meet up with its obligations should kiss goodbye to its dream of coming into 2023 with us, because we are now set for real business. No more charities.
Secondly, we will now make it possible for members to track the telephone numbers of visitors who come to their sites and engage them in business talks. These are very modern innovations that will help move business forward.
Thirdly, I see that not many members are using Imo State Business Link Magazine Facebook to advertise their goods and services. These facilities have been made available for you to make an impact on prospective customers. Use them. Simply Google Imo State Business Link Magazine FaceBook and you are there.
Finally, we pray that the good God we worship will always protect us in these uncertain times from harm’s way, shower us with favour and bless our businesses in the mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

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